Fishing report for January 13/22

Welcome to 2022! Ice fishing season is in full swing in Northwestern Ontario. Cold temperatures have kept all but the most determined anglers off the lakes for the most part. Not everyone has been hiding indoors through the Christmas season and early January.

Walleye bite is hot

I was able to get out over the Christmas holidays for some winter walleyes. Fishing west of Ear Falls, ON on a small, remote lake, we were able to find some walleyes in shallow water. Set up off a gravel bar, with the remnants of pencil weeds still showing through the ice, we were targeting seven to nine feet of water. At this depth flashers and graphs are of little use, as fish roll in quickly to feed, or hug tight to bottom. In a little over an hour, just prior to sunset we caught 30+ fish, ranging from 13” to 24”. Standard jig and a minnow were the hot presentation, although Droptine Tackle Hunger Strike tubes caught a number of fish. I also had one rod set up with a Bondy Baits eyeball style spoon with a small treble tipped with a minnow, this proved to be a great way to coax them to bite as well.

I have a full video of this trip on my youtube channel, and include a link to this video below.

Throughout the region, reports of better than average walleye fishing have been coming in. Most reports are of jig and minnow being the most popular option. Some anglers prefer a jigging rap for fishing deeper areas.

Lake Trout are the stars of the show

Every year, anglers wait for the opening of lake trout season on January 1. With brutal cold temperatures over the first couple days of January, the reports of lakers were few and far inbetween. The weekend of the 7th and 8th finally brought some milder temperatures, and the anglers hit the lake.

Cody Szachury, a name familiar with my fishing reports, caught one of the first true giants of the young season. Caught on a Droptine Tackle 5” hunger strike tube tipped with “ a massive sucker minnow” as Cody put it. This is  the size of fish all trout anglers hope to catch. I can bet we haven’t heard or seen the last of Cody this season.

Temple Bay and Eagle Lake

My buddies, Henry Salinas and Jeff Moreau, from Temple Bay Lodge have been out with guests on multi species trips a number of times already this winter. Whether guests book a day trip or overnight accommodation, the gang at Temple Bay can take care of everything for them.

Henry has been on the hunt for lakers in early ‘22, and he reports them hitting tube jigs tipped with minnows as well as jigging raps. His plastic of choice is Dynamite Plastics, makers of a number of quality products that the guys use. I do know they rely on the ned rig style rubber in the summer for walleyes as well.

Henry just finished up a great 8 fish day, trout fishing with Jeff and some guests. Only a few days earlier he was out targeting crappie. Talk about a life spent on the lake.

Family and fishing, does it get any better?

Jeff Moreau and his wife, Marianne had some family and grandchildren out fishing over the holidays and had a fantastic time. Catching some beautiful walleyes on jig and minnow or jig and plastic is so much fun, and only better when the kids are involved! 

Warmer weather is forecast for this weekend, and I plan to hit the lake for my first laker trip of the season. We also plan to get the kids out for an afternoon walleye trip. 

Ice season is in full swing, good luck to all the anglers out this weekend.  Youtube channel  Winter walleye video